Jeeni - Java Software Development

Welcome to Jeeni

At Jeeni we help companies like Oracle, HP Research Labs, IBM and many others to develop great software. We help companies to focus on what really matters – vision, software delivery, and source code, rather than what does not matter – process and politics.

Jeeni is a Java house. We specialise in developing business software that is a step change when compared to our competition and is game changing when compared to our client's competition. We help our clients use up-to-date development techniques that work, processes that are streamlined and cut to the bone. We help them create software of uncompromising quality, functionality and reliability. And most importantly: software that is maintainable and has the built in flexibility to meet the dynamic demanding needs of the changing business environment.

Jeeni will quite literally, help you develop tomorrows software today.

We focus on results – continuously deployable software. If you engage Jeeni then you're engaging a dynamic company that focuses on two things: source code and software.